JRE Portfolio

Samrya Twin Towers

  • Communication: Paging and Public Announcement Message Broadcasting of all zone and group of zone.
  • Broadcasting of background music to all zones and group zone
  • A two level basement parking
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Conference room with the latest technology including a surround sound system with touch screens throughout and microphones with the latest technology where the screen can be connected to the speech with the text appearing right in front such as an auto-cue.
  • Large area for retail and shops
  • Own cooling system
  • Raised access flooring provision to all services
  • Electrical, Ooredoo Data and smart TV rooms for each floor
  • CCTV-PA-Access card system

Inspired by timeless luxury, the Samrya Twin Towers perfectly combines French celebrated elegance along with the distinguished Arabian backdrop. French design classic elements surround the Twin high-rise offering visitors an unforgettable lavish experience.

A jewel rising out of the desert, the Samrya Twin Towers give tenants and investors 360 degree unparalleled views of Doha, the Arabian Sea and the incredible architecture of Doha that knows how to perfectly blend between modern city lifestyle along with a rich heritage while preserving the local culture.

Inspired by 15th century French architecture, luxurious French blue marble, a real design classic, has been used throughout the entrance. The Mezzanine level boasts a floating fountain with gold plated decorations along the staircase railing while white marble used on the staircase reflects utmost smoothness and elegance. Marble has

been also used from ceiling to floor in all of the lift units for a very chic finish. Plush navy blue and gold carpets have been used throughout the conference rooms along with distinguished red oak timber.